Blogging Banshee Update

Hi All.

I’ve been giving this website and my film reviews a lot of thought lately. While it’s been a difficult decision, I’ve decided to pause my Blogging Banshee film reviews. This pause will last through the rest of 2020, possibly longer, but I still still be doing a “Best of 2020” list at the end of the year.

While this means I will not be writing film reviews in the immediate future, you can still keep track of what I’m watching and see mini reviews/ratings through my Letterboxd. You can also keep track of what I’m working on through both Instagram and Twitter.

The time I would normally take to write these reviews will now be dedicated to more editorial work for other outlets as well as working on my original fiction writing and screenplays.

Thank you all for the ongoing support, and hopefully I will have some more updates on my projects for you in the near future.

xoxo The Blogging Banshee

One comment

  1. Dear Molly: I was both sad and excited for you to read this recent post. Sad, as I am a new subscriber and thoroughly enjoyed your very insightful reviews. Your recommendations also led to me finding quite a few gems of late that I am very grateful for (thank you, “The Beach House”, “Sea Fever” and many others!). Excited…because it sounds like you have other passions that continue to feed your soul. Good luck with your editorial endeavors and the original stories and screenplays! I can empathize with the need to follow your creative dreams. And Selfishly, I’d say watch out for a potential horror film podcast to arrive later this year called “Holy Terror” *(grins mischievously)* Blessings to you, and walk in Beauty! 9/10/20


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