My name is Molly (aka The Blogging Banshee). Ever since my sister forced me to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street at the tender age of four years old I have been hooked on horror movies. It doesn’t take much for me to be entertained by a scary movie, but I can definitely be critical enough to give a decent review. Some of the most important things to me in a horror film are character development, cohesive plot lines, and of course an exciting twist! I’m also a huge supporter of practical effects. For me, the scariest movies will always be ghost and haunting films (probably because they seem the most realistic to me). Please feel free to give input on my reviews or suggest movies for me to watch.

Email: thebloggingbanshee@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/thebloggingbanshee

Twitter: @BloggingBanshee

Instagram: blogging.banshee or #bloggingbanshee



Special thanks to the Editing Elf (aka, my husband) for proofreading all my reviews before I post them.


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