Dark Summer

Daniel (Keir Gilchrist) has been put on house arrest after he was caught cyber-stalking a classmate. On his first day of house arrest, the girl he was stalking calls him over Skype and shoots herself. Soon after, strange things start to happen to Daniel. He is seeing things and he thinks that it all has to do with the girl who committed suicide. Daniel enlists the help of his friends to try to stop this malevolent entity before it’s too late.

Unfortunately there isn’t really anything good I can say about this film. In general, I thought the storyline was fairly original. It even had some twists in it that were well thought out and added to the story. The problem is that the pace of the film droned on to the point where the scenes that were supposed to be intense and scary didn’t have the intended effect. If I didn’t think this movie was scary while watching it in my place alone, then it really was not even remotely frightening. It really is unfortunate, because had it been done a different way it could have been scary and there were multiple elements to the plot that I found very clever.

The acting was by no means bad. Keir Gilchrist proved that he is a good actor in the film It Follows. In this movie he was perfectly fine, but it didn’t feel like he was truly in fear for his life at any point during the film. Probably the best performance came from Stella Maeve (Chicago P.D.). Especially during the climax of the film, her performance was completely believable.

The effects in the film were well done. In terms of the CGI effects, they were generally understated. Most of the CGI was used to create a few bugs, but those bugs were very well done and looked pretty realistic. Beyond that, a majority of the CGI was used to create a psychedelic acid trip look to a few of the scenes. The practical effects looked good as well. Again, these were simple, understated effects that consisted mostly of prosthetics on the skin for various injuries. Both the practical and CGI effects were used in moderation which in a film like this it was definitely the best way to go.

It’s really hard to find more to say about this film because my general reaction to it was just “meh.” It was a unique idea and I feel like if I read it as a book, I would have enjoyed it more. Unfortunately it wasn’t executed well in movie form. It was just generally boring and not even remotely scary at any point in time. I don’t blame the actors for this, because they all did well. This is not a movie I would recommend, which is unfortunate because there were aspects that could have resulted in a great movie, but they definitely missed the mark. I apologize if this review was rather boring, but I suppose that’s what happens when you have nothing really good or really bad to say about a movie.


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  1. Bummer….I thought the premise was intriguing and the preview made it look awesome. I hate when that happens and then the movie is just shmeh. I agree-it would’ve made an awesome book.


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