Fantasia 2022 Capsule Review: Legions

Writer and director Fabián Forte brings the film Legions to the Fantasia International Film Festival. The film follows Antonio Poyju, a man who once lived in the jungles of Argentina as a powerful sorcerer. After a series of unfortunate events, Antonio finds himself an old man living in a mental institution. When a demon threatens the life of his estranged adult daughter, Antonio must try to save her while also reconnecting.

The plot of Legions perfectly shows mystical, indigenous practices trying to survive in a constantly modernizing world. Antonio and his daughter represent the clashing of these two sides and the widening generational divide. In creates a fascinating dynamic between the characters while also introducing audiences to a mythos that feels unique and rooted in Argentinian heritage. That being said, the film does tend to meander a bit. It weaves between the past and the present, which slows the pacing. The final act also doesn’t quite have the excitement needed to live up to the buildup.

Artistically, there is a lot to enjoy about Legions. The star of the film is Germán de Silva (Las Acacias, The Two Popes) as Antonio. Silva’s performance brings a lot of heart to the character while also giving him a stoicism that feels appropriate for a character of his power. The sets are also fantastic. The weaving plot allows for a beautiful juxtaposition between the simple, rustic life Antonio came from compared to the industrial, big city life his daughter leads. When it comes to the demonic creature design, it might lean a bit more furry monster than it does demon, but it still has an iconic look and results in a few good scares.

Legions takes its time to meander through the plot, but delivers a unique tale of mysticism and cultural divides.


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