Fantasia International Film Festival 2022: Most Anticipated Films

It’s that time of year again! The 2022 Fantasia International Film Festival begins in just a few days. Starting on July 14th and running through August 3rd, this year’s festival promises to be filled with amazing short and feature films from across the globe. Here are some of the feature films I’m most excited for:


One film I’m sure everyone is excited for is Bodies Bodies Bodies. It’s already been getting a ton of praise on the film festival circuit. The film has a fun premise involving a group of friends having a hurricane party that goes horribly awry when the group decides to play a game of “bodies bodies bodies” that gathers a real body count. With a fun plot like that and a phenomenal cast, this is one film audiences won’t want to miss.


A new Dario Argento film?! Genre film fans are sure to flock to see Dark Glasses, the latest film by legendary writer and director Argento. This film follows a sex worker who is blinded in a car accident. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the person who caused the accident is out to finish the job. With Argento’s signature suspense mingled with more sentimental plot points, Dark Glasses will likely be on many watch lists for the festival.


I’m a fan of found footage films, so Deadstream is a must-watch at Fantasia. When a man gets in trouble and loses sponsors after livestreaming an unfortunate stunt, he tries to win everyone back by locking himself inside a haunted house and filming it all. It’s a simple setup for what is sure to be some big fun, and maybe even a few good scares.


Now Glorious is definitely one of my most anticipated films of the festival. Directed by Rebekah McKendry (All the Creatures Were Stirring), this film follows a man as he makes a pit stop at a grimy rest stop where things get a little weird. The film stars Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) and J.K. Simmons (Whiplash), who are sure to deliver fantastic performances. I have no doubt McKendry will give audiences a film that is weird, creepy, and fun.


This film from Spain tells the story of Sara, an overweight young woman dealing with family issues as well as bullying. An unfortunate series of events leads Sara down a strange path. Piggy has been getting a ton of praise since it premiered at Sundance Film Festival. With themes of loneliness and trauma, this film will likely appeal to many viewers while also giving them a bloody good time.


After wowing audiences in The Night House, Rebecca Hall is back starring in a new horror film, Resurrection. This film is sure to be dripping with tension as it shows Hall’s character, a working single mother, have her world slowly turned upside down when a strange man keeps popping up in her life. The premise not only sounds as if it has an anxiety-inducing level of suspense, but it also sounds quite relevant for the world we currently live in.


Coming all the day from Denmark is See No Evil. This is another film that has been getting quite a bit of buzz at various film festivals. When a family is invited to go on a trip with another family they only met once before, what begins as awkward politeness soon blossoms into something more sinister. This is a Fantasia film that will likely make audiences uncomfortable, but in the best way.

Tickets for this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival go on sale July 9th and can be purchased here. This year the festival will have in-person screenings only in Montreal.

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