Fantasia 2021 Capsule Review: When I Consume You

Audiences at Fantasia 2021 won’t want to miss the latest film from writer and director Perry Blackshear (The Siren, They Look Like People), When I Consume You. The film follows siblings Daphne and Wilson as they embark on a journey of revenge against a stranger after a tragedy. This mystery unfolds in a non-linear plot that relies on flashbacks to provide further clues and context into who, or what, this stranger is and how to stop it. This method of storytelling not only helps to create suspense and provide character development, but it also makes for some shocking twists and turns due to unreliable narration from a character who can’t fully remember everything.

When I Consume You is as much a methodical, character study as it is a supernatural thriller. The siblings are played by Libby Ewing (Grow The F*ck Up, The Wedding Do Over) and Evan Dumouchel (The Siren, They Look Like People). Not only are their individual performances superb, but their chemistry together is magical. It truly feels like you’re watching siblings desperate to save each other. Another memorable performance comes from MacLeod Andrews (The Siren, They Look Like People), who is able to change his on-screen persona at the drop of a hat. Throw in a few shocking moments with simplistic, yet completely brutal gore and the result is a compelling film to appeal to a wide range of horror fans.

When I Consume You delivers an intriguing story of trauma, grief, and redemption alongside a fascinating supernatural mythos.


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