Wolfman’s Got Nards

One of the first film reviews I did for this website was a throwback review for The Monster Squad. My review was notably biased because it was a film I grew up with. I owned a VHS of The Monster Squad growing up and I don’t remember a time when we didn’t have it in the house. It’s always been a favorite, not just because it features fantastic monsters, but it’s a great gateway-horror adventure flick with a group of kids I could relate to. Now Andre Gower, who starred in the film as Sean, has directed a fantastic documentary all about the film called Wolfman’s Got Nards.

Any fan of The Monster Squad has to see this film. Gower takes viewers on a journey through the film’s history from Fred Dekker and Shane Black coming up with the story all the way to the film’s most recent resurgence. Wolfman’s Got Nards is nicely organized into sections focusing on the different aspects of the film. We get to learn about the conception of the story, production, the release and reception, practical effects, and waves of popularity the film went through. It all flows nicely in a way that is easily digestible for the audience.

Again, I could be biased, but this documentary hit a cord with me and even brought a tear (or 20) to my eye. It first happened when Seth Green (Robot Chicken) described why The Monster Squad resonated so much with him and others as a kid. The second time was when Wolfman’s Got Nards talked about Brent Chalem, who played Horace. This character was very beloved and had arguably the best story arc in The Monster Squad. Unfortunately, Chalem passed away at the age of 22 due to complications from pneumonia. Chalem’s friends and family spoke in the documentary about his life and how he left us far too soon. Even the most hardened horror fan will feel emotional at this point of the documentary.

Many celebrities, fans, and film critics lend their voices to Wolfman’s Got Nards. Each of them discusses not only their love of this film and its cultural impact, but how it impacted their lives personally. It’s amazing to see how pivotal The Monster Squad ended up being for those who worked on the film and those who adored it. It’s clear that the fan base is constantly growing with each generation, and likely won’t stop anytime soon.

Wolfman’s Got Nards perfectly captures the love people have for The Monster Squad while also teaching us all something new. It is one of the most well laid out documentaries I’ve ever seen. Fans will love all the behind the scenes tidbits and feel the collective love of the film. Wolfman’s Got Nards is definitely a must-see documentary for fans of horror, film, and The Monster Squad.

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