Nightstream Capsule Review: An Unquiet Grave

The Nightstream Fest films keep coming; this time it’s the supernatural drama, An Unquiet Grave. This film is directed by Terence Krey (Winter Slides), who also co-wrote the film with one of its stars, Christine Nyland (The Garden Left Behind). An Unquiet Grave is the story of a man, one year after his wife died in a car accident, as he seeks the help of his wife’s twin sister to try and bring her back to life. It’s a tale of heartbreak, magic, and morality.

An Unquiet Grave plays out like a much more intimate version of Pet Sematary. The film entirely focuses on two actors, Nyland and Jacob A. Ware (Graves, Boardwalk Empire), who both give strong, emotionally charged performances. At only 72 minutes, the filmmakers stick to the basics of the plot, emphasizing the relationships between characters and the lengths people go to in order to be with their deceased loved ones. The mysticism of the plot is left relatively unexplained, but it is shown in such a simplistic way that the audience can put the pieces together.

At times, An Unquiet Grave might be a bit too bare-bones for some viewers. That being said, it succeeds in conveying the deep emotional turmoil each character experiences. Scattered in that turmoil is eerie suspense, haunting imagery, and even some disturbing practical effects. It all comes together to drive home the point many fail to miss, especially when it comes to the ones they love: be careful what you wish for. An Unquiet Grave pulls back the curtain to take an intimate look at love, loss, and the toll grief takes.


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