Hostel: Part III

As any Hostel fan knows, these films focus around the Elite Hunting Club. In this club a person can bid on people. If they win this person, they essentially can do whatever they wish to this person. They can torture, maim, and kill in any fashion they please. This installment follows a group of guys on a trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. What starts as a normal vacation turns into a deadly fight for survival.

As a warning, this will be a relatively short review because it is hard to get too in depth without talking about specifics, and I hate giving spoilers. To be completely honest, I watched this movie because I expected it to be so bad you couldn’t help but laugh. I also had no intention of writing a review for this movie, until I actually watched it. Now it is very rare for a horror movie to surprise me. This film surprised me not once, but THREE different times. They did an excellent job of doing things that were totally unexpected to keep the story interesting. There were also a couple of really creative kills in the film. The trilogy is of course known for elaborate kill scenes, but there were a couple in this installment that were both disturbing and unique.

One of the things I also enjoyed about the movie was that it was gruesome and humorous at the same time. I feel like if a shock horror movie takes itself too seriously, it loses what makes it so entertaining. They also did a great job of updating the storyline a bit. There are still people buying people for the sake of killing them, but there is a lovely added twist that is fitting for the Las Vegas setting. It was a nice update that kept what could have been an old act nice and fresh.

I really was pleasantly surprised with this film. Surprised enough that I’m adding a full point to my rating just because this is a rare occurrence. It was funny, it was gory, it had great twists, and it updated an old storyline in a genius way. This film made sure that horror fans were entertained. After watching this film, I have two words of advice. First, beware anyone that has a bloodhound tattoo. Second, if you are a woman who is engaged, you should definitely make your fiance watch this before the bachelor party. He will definitely think twice about what he does and who he does it with after this cautionary tale.


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